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Miscellaneous Friday

I know it’s been light blogging here lately, and that’s due to a combination of factors.


§ Esmé has started sleeping later, which is good because I get to spend more time with her after work, but I have less time during the night to do whatever it is I want to do.


§ Work has been crazy busy, so thinking about and writing a post is not priority one on my list.


§ As I previously mentioned, I think Twitter is making me want to blog less, although I am trying to cut back on the number of tweets I post on a daily basis.


§ Emily’s business is taking off, and since I can’t help her with the creative arts portion of it, I am trying to assist in other ways, such as being her office manager, webmaster, social media director, bookkeeper, tech support, and executive assistant. Unfortunately for Emily, I am doing a terrible job at all these things.


§ Honestly, I’m seriously considering putting the blog on hiatus for a while. I have things I want to say, but I cant summon the energy to write any of it down.


§ My Hello Kitty Cocaine post was linked on this thread, and so I’ve been getting an unusual amounts of hits the past few days. It is a Chinese [methinks] website, but from the other photos in the thread, it looks like forum members were posting weird Hello Kitty items.


§ Ever wondered what goes on inside a Netflix warehouse? I know I have. We actually have a Netflix distribution center in town. I would love a tour.


§ Finally, guess from which malady I suffer.


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