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I’ve been especially anti-social lately, and Emily called me out on it last Sunday after a visit from her sister and husband. I was especially anti-social towards them and spent most of the weekend hiding in “my cave”. I think some of my issues stem from work, where I’m feeling very fed-up after almost four years at the place. [Four years is the longest I’ve stayed at any one place]. And in the past few months, my pointy-haired boss has been extra .. uh .. pointy haired, and that’s not helping matters. It’s not a good time to be unhappy at work, and I am extremely grateful to have work. But many of you know how it is: Stay in one place long enough and you get tired of the same old shit. All this has resulted in my being an asshole at work, and I’m making a conscious effort to stop. My bad attitude also resulted in less blogging. [You might notice I haven’t written anything of length lately]. All the twittering that I’m doing also contributes to it, but it’s been mostly general apathy.


What else …


I finally snagged the domain ramblin.gs, which is the one I originally wanted before settling on the domain hack I use now. I’d love to make it a trifecta and also grab ramblings.com. 


I almost bought an LG Voyager, but I think I’m waiting until June and getting the iPhone. Thinking about this makes me feel icky during these economic times.


Esmé is doing fine. She had a nasty rash the other night and scratched herself all over until she bled. It was not a good night. Fortunately, she’s better now.


And this here pretty much sums up how I’m feeling lately. 



Via Cat and Girl

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