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Verizon Sucks

February 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The other day, Emily was poking around my phone and noticed that the firmware version on it was different than the version on her phone. [We both own an Lg Nv, the only difference that Emily bought hers a  few months after me].  So this past Saturday when we were running around town, I decided to stop by a Verizon store to get the software upgraded. My phone has a few issues [it doesn’t notify me when I get a picture message, for example], and I thought it might be due to the old firmware. I should have known something was rotten when the tech informed me the upgrade would take an hour. Now, I’ve upgraded firmware for computers, phones, iPods, etc. before, and the process might take a few minutes [and it might be slow], but it has never taken me an hour. But since Emily and I were planning on grabbing some dinner anyway, I dropped off the phone and left. 


I returned after dinner to pick up my phone, and the tech [a different person than the one who initially assisted me] told me that it would be a few more minutes because there was a slight issue with the phone after the software upgrade. This was around 6pm or so, and Emily and I needed to get home to put Esmé to bed. However, we decided to give Verizon a few more minutes and headed to the Best Buy next door. After another 30 minutes, we once again returned to the Verizon store only to be told that my phone got bricked during the software upgrade. However, Verizon would give me a new phone and “waive the out-of-warranty fee” [Thanks, Verizon! Since, you know, you’re the one who broke my phone]. The tech then proceeded to transfer my number to a new phone [the same model phone and not the newer version (alas)] . The tech also apologized for losing all my contacts. At this point, I just wanted to get home and put Esmé to bed. So, I just left.


And, you know, this isn’t a terrible story. Sure, I lost all my contacts, but I’m not one of those people with hundreds of phone numbers in their contact list. It took about an hour or so for me to re-type everyone back into my contact list [I’m still missing ten people], and I get a new phone body. [The tech didn’t give me a new battery. Just a new phone. He said it was policy to only replace the body of the phone. So I have a new phone body, but a two-year-old battery]. Anyway, so I’m over this whole ordeal. No big deal, right? Well, yes, until today, when I was at the grocery store and noticed a scratch spanning the entire length of the inside screen. It’s not a highly visible scratch, but it is there. So much for the phone being new. 


The only upside to this story is that I think I’ve managed to convince Emily to let me buy an iPhone when my contract runs out in June. And the moral of the story is: don’t trust Verizon Wireless to upgrade your phone’s firmware.

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