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Where I Succumb To The Latest Trend

February 6, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have previously written about my ambivalence towards Twitter, but it seems to have reached critical mass in the past several months. Now, it seems like everyone is “twittering”. Emily joined Twitter a few months ago, and even my mother joined – even if it was a misguided and confused attempt.  As such, I spent the past few weeks debating whether or not I should give in and sign-up. All the cool kids are doing it, and if I am anything, it is that I always want to emulate the cool kids. But yet I hesitated. My hesitancy stems from my original complaint about the service, which is “who cares?” My mind began changing after talking to a couple of co-workers who find Twitter a useful tool to keep track of the latest and greatest technology/programming news and happenings. Essentially, they showed me that Twitter can be used for more than announcing to the world about what you are eating for lunch or about your latest nature call. And that’s when it hit me. Twitter


Part of the reason I started blogging again was to share the amusing, non-sensical, and just plain weird things I find during my daily trolling of the web. However, that didn’t really work out. In order for me to maintain a blog, I need a schedule. I can’t be one of those people who blog only whenever the mood strikes. [I blame the OCD]. And as I covered previously, I settled on a three-day publishing schedule. While this schedule works out great, it also means that I only want to post things that are “blog worthy” [I don’t have a standard criteria for “blog worthiness”. It’s a constantly changing and nebolous set of rules]. Sure, there are plenty of times I neither have the time nor energy to write something, and I throw up whatever I last found amusing. Nevertheless, there are many more things I want to share, and I either do not, or end up sharing them via e-mail; thus, making the folks on my contact list suffer through a dozen e-mails from me [I’m lookin at you, League and JMD].


However, Twitter solves this dilema. I can keep my blog schedule and stop spamming my friends. I will just “tweet” the things I find amusing. Sure, nobody may be looking at my “tweets”, but just the act of publishing them makes me feel better. My pent-up urge to share with the world a hilarious photo of a cat talking funny will be fullfilled, and no one will have to unwillingly suffer. So as of yesterday, I’ve added my Twitter RSS feed to the blog [check the right-hand column]. WordPress.com doesn’t support the Twitter badge thingy, so the RSS feed will have to do. And, of course, feel free to “follow” me, although I’m not going to try and accumulate followers [nor will I follow many people]. I’m using Twitter like my own little bulletin board [the real-world 3D kind]. I will still continue to post videos, pictures, and other ephemeral web junk on this blog. The only difference being that there will be more of it on my Twitter feed. And I’ve always felt silly posting song lyrics on the blog, so almost all of that will now go into the Twitter, as it seems that it’s a pretty common thing for folks to do.

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