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The Sickness

February 4, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The last few days have been awful around here. Esmé caught a head cold late last week and started running a fever on Friday night [it got up to 105 degrees], and we spent a long night trying to comfort Esmé. We visited the doctor on Saturday morning, where he simply advised us to continue giving Esmé Children’s Tylenol. Nevertheless, the poor girl was so miserable that all she could do was sit on Emily’s lap for the rest Saturday and whine. Sunday was better, and we were able to get Esmé to eat and drink, and she was much more active. Plus, she slept through the night, allowing Emily and I to watch the big game.


On Monday, it seemed Esmé’s fever broke, and Emily and I thought the worst was over. I had a sleep test scheduled for Monday night [Emily thinks I have sleep apnea], but soon as I arrived at the testing center, I received a text message from Emily telling me that Esmé awoke crying and would not return to bed [and the fever returned]. Esmé cried for three hours before Emily gave up trying to comfort her and called the on-call nurse, who directed Emily to visit the emergency room. Fortunately, we have a dedicated children’s hospital in town, and Emily was able to take Esmé to the children’s ER where she was diagnosed with an ear infection and prescribed some antibiotics [The kid is now taking Children’s Tylenol, Children’s Motrin, antibiotics, and a cough suprresant]. Apparently, it is common for toddlers to get an ear infection after/during a head cold, what with all the phlegm building up in their sinuses. So on Monday night, I was hooked up with wires to a machine while Emily spent most of the night in the emergency room located only a few miles away from me.


Esmé seemed much better on Tuesday, and we hope [again] that the worst is over. She still has a rattling cough [it is so sad to see your almost two-year-old patting her chest when she coughs], but the fever is down and Esmé had a very healthy appetite, something that has been missing. However, Emily is now sick, and I am also getting sick. So yeah, it has sucked a little bit around our home.


Throughout this whole orderal, Emily has been extra amazing. I already think she’s a super mom, but the way she’s taken care of Esmé these past six days has been nothing short of extraordinary. Emily has essentially been confied to the house for the past six days with a very sick child and for several nights [almost every night, really], she was up until the early morning and operated on only a few hours sleep for several days. Yet, she never wavered in her care for Esmé and never once complained. On Saturday, Esmé wanted nothing to do with anyone or anything else but her, so Emily sat on the couch for the entire day watching Blue’s Clues and the Disney Channel while Esmé laid in her arms throughout the entire day. At night, when Esmé was sleeping, Emily would wake up at the slightest cough and ensure that Esmé went back to bed, cutting minutes off her own sleep. In short, Emily’s been sensational, and I’m not sure what Esmé or myself would have done without her.

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