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We didn’t participate in any Halloween activities this year. Esmé was supposed to go to some sort of Halloween thing on Friday with her play group, but she has the sniffles still [four weeks and counting!] so Emily opted against it. We thought about going to one of the local malls and participating in its trick or treat thingamajig, but Esmé did not enjoy her Princess Leia costume, and it is too big for her still. So that was nixed. I’m hoping she’ll wear it next year, although I suspect Esmé will have her own idea of the costume she wants to wear. We had about three or four groups of kids come and knock on the door, but we weren’t actively inviting visitors. The upside is that there’s plenty of Kit Kats left for me. The rest of the weekend was typical. Emily assisted in another wedding on Saturday while Esmé drove me up the wall again. On Sunday, I took Esmé to a local park while Emily did a bridal shoot.


For several weeks, this blog received a larger than usual amount of hits due to people searching fo “halloween costumes”, “offensive halloween costumes”, and “crayon costumes”. Apparently, this post from two years ago is ranked fairly high in some search engine for those terms. The post went from seven views in all of 2007 [and only one view in 2006] to 663 in October. I’m also getting a lot of hits from “obama playing basketball“. Apparently, that’s an important issue with people during this election [which is mercifully coming to a close].


Speaking of the election, I hope you all are planning on voting tomorrow, if you haven’t already. I voted early and wrote-in myself for a seat in the state house of representative. Emily did the same, and a co-worker also wrote me in for another position. So that’s three votes for me. For two different positions. I think the next local election, I should try to get as many people as possible to write-in my name.

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