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Miscellaneous Wednesday

October 15, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Not much to write about again, so I’ll default to writing about Esmé. Stop now if you don’t want to hear about it.


Esmé’s started crying again when we put her to bed. We’re not sure why, but it is a distrubing trend. We hope that it is a phase she’s simply going through. Esmé’s has also not been eating. She’s already a picky eater, but lately she’s been extremely picky. It’s driving Emily crazy during meal times because Esmé will absolutely not eat anything. And when she eats, it’s something totally random – like cold jar food straight out of the fridge. Of course, Esmé will always eat foods that aren’t good for her: potato chips, cheese puffs, cookies, any sort of chocolate or sweets, sodas, and she’s a big fan of the McDonald’s Nugget Happy Meal. We’re horrible parents. Emily tries to feed her veggies and fruits, and other healthy snacks and meals, but Esmé absolutely refuses to eat those things. Emily is at her wit’s end, and I feel competely helpless about the whole thing.


Emily and I are bracing for the terrible twos, which we think may have already begun. Esmé’s already strong-willed to begin with, and she’s already developing an attitude. So, it’s going to be interesting. As a friend told me the other day, “Rooster’s coming home to roost”. Thanks for the support.

Mother’s Day Out is going well, all things considered. Esmé still is unhappy when she is dropped off, but she seems to be okay once Emily leaves. Of course, the teachers reported that Esmé doesn’t seem to want socialize with the other kids [I think the report was that Esmé wants to play when the other kids eat and eat when the other kids play]. However, this problem seems to be getting better. I do wonder if the Mother’s Day Out is causing Esmé more separation anxiety [instead of relieving it]; thus, the whole bedtime issue. I do know one thing: that kid loves her mother. She doesn’t fuss when Emily is away, and she allows her grandparents to watch her without issue. However, you can tell a noticeable difference in her level of happiness when Emily is around. 


People always tell us that Esmé looks like me, and in many ways she acts like me [Esmé is showing early signs of OCD, much to Emily’s dismay]. Emily’s even been asked if Esmé is adopted, since they don’t look much alike. But there’s no questioning who’s number one in Esmé mind. And I’m glad that’s the case because Emily is a much better parent than I ever will be.


And I’m sure all parents feel this same way, but watching that little person walk around, getting into everything, wanting to look through everything, touch everything, and making all sorts of mess and commotion is the most fascinating thing ever. Sure, there’s a trail of destruction left behind, but it’s totally worth it.

A rare moment

A rare moment: Esme eating.

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