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Remember the mouse problem I chronicled earlier? If only I knew of Rentokil’s RADAR [Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance] existence back then. Thanks to Cracked.com’s 5 Insane Devices From Kids Cartoons (That Actually Exist), I will now be prepared for the next wave of mouse infestation. I’m going to simply quote the article’s description of this device, if only because the author is much funnier [and talented and probably better looking] than myself.


When a mouse enters the passageway, he activates a circuit that releases trap doors, blocking off both the entrances and trapping him in sealed chamber. Before Mickey can begin to shit his little black pants, a pressurized cylinder locks open and begins to fill the tunnel with carbon dioxide, asphyxiating the guy in 45 seconds.

If you think that’s some James Bond shit, hold on to your drawers: the unit then sends you a text message letting you know the deed has been done. An actual text message, as in: OMG UR MOUSE IZ DED.



That’s right, people. Someone’s invented a net-enabled mouse trap.


Death to all Mice

Death to all Mice

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  1. Kristi
    September 26, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    “OMG UR MOUSE IZ DED” – I LOL’d for real at the thought of receiving this text.

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