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The Haggling Weekend

September 15, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Buying a new car is such a pain in the arse. Emily’s current car lease ends next month and we spent three days last week (Thursday-Saturday) haggling over the price of a new vehicle. And  you know, buying a new car shouldn’t be this difficult. Instead, it’s a game between you and the dealership. The folks at the dealer try to wear you out and grind you down so you will accept their over-inflated price for the car [while at the same time trying to tell you what a good deal you got]. Meanwhile, you know full well that the salesman/sales manager/general manager are all lying through their teeth. I’ve purchased three new cars in 10-years, and if you believe the salesmen, none of the three dealerships have ever made money on me. Seriously? In hindsight, I know full-well I grossly overpaid for two of those cars.


Anyway, three days of negotiation, and we are $350 apart. We refuse to budge because the car we want has been on the lot for 4.5 months, has over 1,000 miles on it – apparently, someone at the dealership took it on a road trip – it needs a new bumper [there’s a big ol’ dent in the current one] and a new spoiler [it is falling off], and a few scratches and dings [although the dealership promised everything would be fixed].  So, you know, it’s an almost, like-new car. However, I think we’ve reached the dealer’s take-it-or-leave-it price. And in all reality, it’s a good deal for that car. Part of the problem Emily and I are having is asking ourselves if we really want a slightly used, like-new car, instead of a brand-new, just-off-the-truck car, even though we would probably pay more for it. Anyway, we’re going to try with a different dealership this week, for one of those “just-off-the-truck” car. Let the games begin [again].


We didn’t do much else over the weekend. I managed to catch a late showing of Burn After Reading, and if I only had nine words to describe the movie, it would be: “One Woman’s Hilarious and Tragic Quest For Plastic Surgery”.

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