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The Short Weekend

Not much happened this weekend. It just seemed very short. Emily had three photo shoots, so I spent a lot of time looking after the baby. I did catch a showing of Wall-E on Friday night with Emily’s 8-year-old niece. I liked the movie, but Alicyn couldn’t sit still. I think the lack of action bored, as she was looking for witty one-liners and more wackiness. The trailer for the Miley Cyrus voiced movie Bolt excited Alicyn much more. I also watched most of The Bank Job. I say “most” because about two-thirds through it, I got the overwhelming sense of “been there, done that”. 


The most fun Emily and I had was playing Mario Kart Wii on-line with a friend of Emily’s. Emily recently learned that her friend also owned a Wii and Mario Kart so they made plans to race on Saturday night, and it was a blast, although it reinforced my belief that I can’t drive very well. Familiarity with the courses will only get you so far if you can’t, you know, make a turn without falling off a cliff or hitting a wall. Unfortunately, that’s how I also drive in real life.


And I love this photo of Esmé.


  1. The League
    August 12, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    The Bank Job is mostly terribly forgettable. I saw it, but… I’ve forgotten most of it already. Soon, you, too will see those brain cells turned to something more useful than keeping together the plot of “The Bank Job”.

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