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The Ear Infection Weekend

So Far, So Good

Last Thursday, the doctor diagnosed Esmé with an ear infection. We’ve been fortunate that this is her first ear infection, but as you can imagine, Esmé was not a happy baby. Fortunately, she felt much better by Sunday, although she was still cranky. Plus, she now has a rash all over her back. We think it might be from the fever, or perhaps an allergic reaction to the coloring in the medicines she’s been taking. [I had a similar rash a few years ago after drinking cough medicine for a month straight. The Red Dye #5 caused some sort of reaction. Anyway, it turned out I had bronchitis. All that damn smoking, you know]. Esmé still has an ear infection though. So Emily and I spent most of the weekend worrying over our baby. Esmé’s been sick before, but never a fever and nothing that made her so lethargic. Sometimes, it still feels weird being a parent. [Update: Emily went to the doctor today, and the rash is apparently a case of Roseola, which also explains the fever].


I would also like to take this time to thank everyone who left kind words about Baby. We miss him very much, but we like to think he’s in a better place. We’re still adjusting to only having one cat.  Everything in the house that’s cat related is geared to having two felines: from the litter box, to the amount of food we buy, and the amount we leave out to eat. And when we eat dinner, we still expect Baby to be lingering around, waiting for a chance to snag some food from me. And I have to remind myself that there’s no need to leave the garage open in the afteroon so that Baby can lurk outside. Sometimes, I just think that there’s something missing.


Despite everything, I managed to watch Persepolis on Saturday night [after putting Esmé to bed] and Hellboy II on Sunday afternoon with my brother-in-law. Persepolis is a very good movie. The film gives a brief overview of Iran’s history starting from immediately before the Islamic Revolution to the early nineties, and it puts much clarity in many of the issues the world has today with Iran [and vice-versa]. Furthermore, Persepolis shows the viewer a glimpse of Iran before the revolution, and it gives you a different perspective on a country that is currently painted in a very negative light. As for Hellboy II, it is an okay movie, even if the plot stole elements from LOTR [One Crown To Rule Them All, if you will]. Hellboy II is just your usual summer brain candy.  


Anyway … A girl with whom I attended high school asked me to be her friend on Facebook. This is not unusual, but I don’t recall every speaking to this girl in the four years of high school. Nor do I remember even having a class together. Another person from high school asked me to be his friend, but at least we shared a couple of classes. I have mixed emotions about Facebook. On one hand, it’s nice to see how some of your old classmates are doing. But on the other, it makes me depressingly nostalgic, which always happens when I think about high school. Sometimes, I think, “I’m 32-years-old. Why am I still bothering with these people?”


Oh, and I think I finally figured out why I’m so unmotivated to study for the GRE. It’s because there’s no pressure. If I was fresh out of college and wanting to attend graduate school [in lieu of a job], then there would be motivation. But, I have a job. It’s not my dream job, but it pays the bills and gives me health insurance. And with a baby, health coverage is no longer optional. Essentially, I’m a serf to my company. I can’t up and quit [without having another job lined up] because I certainly can’t take a chance Esmé won’t need to see a doctor. This, my friends, is why we need some sort of national health plan. Anyway, I can go on about our nation’s absurd healthcare system, and  when I decided to “work to live” and not to “live to work”, but not tonight. It’s getting late, and I have a job to go to in the morning.

  1. July 20, 2008 at 7:57 am

    I feel you on the GRE–study thing.

    I took 4 weeks off ( 2 off, 1 back, 2 more off ) and am studying for it right now: thus satisfying the “need insurance and money” and the “need to study the finer points of high school mathematics”.

    To simulate pressure, I paid an Ungodly Amount for a review class. The idea of wasting that much money has provided sufficient incentive.

  2. Digital Boy
    July 20, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    You put me to shame, Steven. I am happy when I get an hour of studying in a day. Are you finding the review class helpful?

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