I’m writing this at 1am, so it might not be the most coherent post I ever made.


I’ve enjoyed the time off from work this past week. So much so that I wish I could take another. One of the biggest adjustments Emily and I have had to make with being parents is the inability for us to sleep-in. Esmé wakes up at 6am, and she doesn’t understand that you might have just gone to bed five hours ago. Of course, she sleeps 12-hours a night, so I’d be ready to go too. Thus, despite being on vacation, I actually slept less since I don’t try to go to bed at a decent hour. Emily’s been kind enough to let me sleep in a little bit and take power naps during the day, but I feel guilty for sleeping while she’s having to care for Esmé solo when I’m home.


Anywho … I received a Nintendo Wii for my birthday, and let me tell you folks, that thing is the greatest video game console evar. If my tech-averse mother and sister-in-law can enjoy themselves playing the Wii, then you know its a unique thing. I can go on and on about the awesomeness that is the Wii: From the ability to download classic NES games [Emily is attempting to re-discover her mastery of Super Mario Bros while I kick it old school with Tecmo Bowl], to the ability to surf the internet, [I can now browse Digg, read blogs, and check e-mail all while supervising Esmé] to the totally free on-line gaming. Unequivocally, we love our Wii. So if anyone out there wants to be a Wii friend, drop me a line. I’m looking for people to play against in Mario Kart Wii. [I suck at it, by the way. I managed to embarrass myself playing Mario Kart Wii on-line against a bunch of Europeans. My suckiness is now known worldwide]. However, I totally rock at Wii Golf and Tennis [and Tecmo Bowl! Actually, I think Emily and I have spent more time playing old NES games than actual Wii games].


Last Friday, we watched Wanted. The movie was okay. As I wrote to a friend in an e-mail, Wanted is nice to look at on screen, and Ms. Jolie is always easy on the eyes. However the movie seems targeted at teenage boys who spend a lot of time playing Halo 3. In hindsight, we should have watched Get Smart or Wall-E, but Emily is averse to Disney/Pixar movies as the majority of them make her sad [e.g., Nemo loses his mom. Bambi’s mom is brutally murdered, Simba’s dad plunges to his death, etc].


What else … Emily’s birthday was on the 30th of June. For her birthday, she decided to do “something different” with her hair. And this is the result. I think the new style is great, but Emily is feeling self-conscious about it. It didn’t help that her niece said that the new look made her “look like a giraffe”. So thus, Emily is thinking of reverting to the previous revision of her hairstyle. Emily also received a copy of Dance Dance Revolution, you know, for the Wii. As I am a terrible, terrible husband, I forgot to pick-up her birthday cake. Seriously, how do you forget to pick-up your wife’s birthday cake? And to top it all off, I bought her the wrong cake. How am I supposed to know Emily didn’t like cherries or bananas on her ice cream cake?! So, I’m not sure if it was a good or bad thing that I forgot anyway. Did I mention what a horrible husband I am?


My mother also visited this week. Her and Esmé are now BFF. Emily and I are fairly over-indulgent with the kid, but my mother, being a grandma I suppose, takes it to a whole new level of overindulgence. Nevertheless, my mom was a  terrific help [because she’s a terrific mom], watching and playing with Esmé so Emily and I could play the Wii, go on a couple of dates, nap, etc. My mom also cooked all sorts of tasty food, and took us out to eat a few times, and was just generally helpful and awesome. I fear, however, that Esmé [and us to a certain degree] wore her out. She’s going to need the next couple of weeks to recuperate.


I had wanted to study for the GRE, but didn’t really get to do that until yesterday. The verbal part isn’t much of a concern, but the math parth gives me a headache just thinking about it. I hate math. I mean, who cares if I know anything about the quadratic equation? I want a freakin’ humanities degree.  This whole GRE thing has made me want to abandon my higher education pursuit even before I begin, but Emily vowed to not let me. Seriously, this is not a good start.


I also wanted to catch-up on my movie watching, but only managed to watch the first quarter of 10,000 BC. And so far, it’s been a dud. I’ve still yet to watch Juno.


According to WordPress, this is the 666th post of this blog.

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