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The Movie Weekend

Pandas are cuteWe didn’t do much this weekend. Emily and I watched a trifecta of movies, and we ran some errands and finished – or partially finished – some chores. I wish I could say that I watched Pearl Jam’s three hour Bonnaroo performance, but alas. I didn’t want to spend a hot summer weekend with a bunch of – in the immortal words of Eric Cartman – “goddamn hippies” anyway.


As for the movies …


Lars and the Real Girl – Uh, yeah. It was sweet, I guess.


Kung Fu Panda – Hilarious fun movie for the whole family. It might possibly be the best Jack Black movie ever. And you know, pandas are cute.


The Other Boleyn Girl– We technically haven’t finished the movie yet. We have about another 30-minutes or so, but I’ve seen enough to give you this short review: “How to pimp your daugthers for fun and profit”, or – from the female persepective – “How to use sex to manipulate men to do your bidding”.


 I’ve been meaning to watch Juno ever since the DVD release, but the backlash after the Oscars sort of turned me off. I dunno.


I also began studying for the GRE. Bleh.


For Father’s Day, Esmé gifted me a lovely pair of new shorts, belt, t-shirt [from Hawaii no less], and a new wallet. And to show me how much she loves me, she bit me a couple of times with her new teeth.

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