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I’m Hip! I’m Cool!

I might not know who MGMT is, but I do know about Duffy, even though I didn’t “discover” Duffy by reading Rolling Stone magazine or from some cool, hip, and trendy blog. No, I “discovered” Duffy from an Associated Press article. And you know, once a musician/band is featured in an AP Music article, they’re not exactly cutting edge anymore. Anyway, Duffy gets compared to Amy Winehouse a lot, but I think its an unfair comparison [although her latest single, “Mercy”, sounds like an Amy Winehouse song].




Warwick Avenue




I also “discovered” Amy MacDonald and Kate Nash. I’m not so keen on those two as I am on Duffy, but they’re still worth listening.


Amy MacDonald – Mr. Rock & Roll


Amy MacDonald – Poison Prince


Amy MacDonald – L.A.


Kate Nash – Pumpkin Soup


Kate Nash – Foundations

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  1. May 29, 2008 at 10:11 am

    I’m not so sure about this Duffy person. If you need perky, UK-based blondes doing justice to R&B, just go pick up “Dusty in Memphis”.

    And while I am interested the UK is doing homage to 60’s-era R&B with Duffy, Winehouse, et al, why not just go to the original source material of Motown Records, etc… if this is the music you find appealing? Its readily available and inexpensive after 40+ years.

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