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Esmé Goes Mobile

In the past few weeks, Esmé mastered the art of crawling. This is indeed good news. However, she seems attracted to danger. As soon as you set her down, she’s off and crawling towards the nearest wall socket, power strip, edge of the bed, or the top of the staircase. You can’t take your eyes off her for one second, lest she be headed towards whatever dangerous object/location is near. This Post's Obligatory Esmé PhotoI am beginning to think that babies are genetically wired to seek out danger [or maybe its just mine]. Add to the crawling her other new-found skill of lifting herself up by way of tables, drawers, your legs, shoulders, other available appendages, etc., and you get a baby with lots of bumps in her head. I think she bops her head about a dozen time each day. [Occasionally, she’ll topple over like a top-heavy SUV whilst crawling]. Despite the doctor’s assurance that she will be fine, we’re about to buy her a football helmet – if only for my piece of mind. Speaking of baby bumps and bruises, Esmé’s crib is the subject of a recent recall. There’s nothing like the piece of mind the knowledge that your baby could be serioulsly injured while in her crib to put you at ease.


And if I needed more proof that she’s my kid [Emily lovingly calls her Randy Jr.], she often complains when crawling, as she prefers to be picked up and walked to her destination. This, of course, is in line with my philosophy of ‘why do it yourself when someone else can do it for you?’


Finally, according to the doctor, Esmé is in the 75th percentile in terms of size and weight for babies her age. We know this is true because we see babies her age [or older] around town that’s half her size. She’s going to be taller than her 4’11” Oma when she starts kindergarten. I should also mention that last Wednesday, Esmé turned nine-months. I find it hard to believe she’s only nine-months-old. I can barely remember life without her, and it has been, without question, the best nine months of my life.

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