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Busy, Busy

February 13, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have actually had some good blog post ideas the past few days, but circumstances have not allowed me to write anything down. If only there was a way I can post while driving home or taking a shower. For example, I wanted to write about my misadventures with a Form 1099-T which has an amount in Box 4. Hint: TurboTax Online does not keep a copy of your tax worksheets, so print and save them. Combined with the [accidentally] undeclared stock dividend from 2006, I am expecting an audit and possibly some jail time for tax fraud in the near future.

I was also going to do a “Where are they now” piece about Jenni from JenniCam. Or at least post the video produced by [the now defunct] Webjunk.tv which told us where she is now.

Most of the traffic this blog receives are from people looking to troubleshoot their iPod. Unfortunately, the article I posted is fairly out-of-date. I need to post a more recent article about the issues I encountered attempting to upgrade and jailbreak the firmware on my iPod Touch. Short version: Don’t bother. Wait for Apple to release the SDK and install third-party apps legitimately. Speaking of traffic, the number of visitors finding this blog after searching for “am I a girl” is perverse and often baffling.

There is also a post somewhere about my fear of caring for Esmé during an apocalyptic event. I imagine my family raiding a grocery store for diapers and baby food. I keep thinking that if the apocalyptic event occurs after Esmé is potty trained and eating non-baby food, it would be much better. I need to watch less apocalyptic-themed movies.

My mom is visiting this week.

And, from what I believe is spite, Emily has added more bibles to our collection.

Watch There Will Be Blood.

Click here if your computer screen is dirty [SFW].

Soon, there will be a drug that cures your abject loneliness.

And finally …
Esmé’s Helmet

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