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Greetings From the Home Front

December 20, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

It has been some time since I wrote anything, so I thought I would try to write an actual post. Emily and Esmé are sick this week and headed off to the in-laws’ Country Manor to heal, which leaves me home alone for the second time in three weeks. It gets lonely when I am home alone. We are leaving for my parent’s Suburban Enclave on Sunday, which makes the whole “sick” thing more pressing. It is going to be bad enough having to deal with the airport during the holidays, but then add to that a sick six-month-old. I can hardly wait. To make matters worst, I think I am getting sick. So there is a chance I will be under the weather during our Christmas Holiday. Hooray!


Esmé is doing great [besides being sick]. She has learned how to rollover and she can sit-up on her own, but we still do not have crawling. She is also at the stage where everything goes straight into her mouth for a taste test. Usually, the routine is 1) pick up thing 2) put thing in mouth 3) shake thing 4) drop thing. Gangsta’ EsméShe especially enjoys chewing and throwing cell phones and prefers one corner of my laptop. I think she is trying to tell me not to spend so much time in front of the computer. We are expecting teeth to pop-up anytime now.


Our two cats also fascinate Esmé. She desperately wants to play with them [and by play, I mean pulling off their fur]. Our male cat carefully avoids her, but our female cat has a tendency to let Esmé get close then try to eat her face off when Esmé gets too rough. So we have to be careful there. Strangely, however, our female cat gets overly concerned when Esmé cries and tries to console her, although this usually means trying to pick Esmé by the scruff of her neck. Not a good thing. Its possible Emily and I are misinterpreting the cat’s “concern”. The cat is probably trying to eat Esmé for lunch. Did I mention she is an old, mean, and ornery cat who hates everyone [especially little children] except Emily and me?


Unfortunately, Esmé is still not sleeping through the night. The doctors [and everyone else] think we should adopt the “let her cry herself to sleep” method, but you know that is just tough on the parents. It is especially tough on Emily. I have learned to deal with it somewhat, as Esmé cries when anyone else but Mom holds her. That is something else we are trying to work on: separation anxiety from mom. Apparently, this is a common occurrence with stay-at-home mothers. Nevertheless, we need to wean her from the “mom only” mentality. It makes it difficult for Emily to, you know, like use the restroom.


If she only knew how much I would spoil her. I cannot go to a store without buying something for her. I had to control myself from buying out the toy store at the mall the other day [this is how your house gets overrun by baby toys]. The next day, I bought more toys from another store, but only because Esmé had slobbered all over it. Really.


So overall, things have been going well. Esmé is as cute as ever. Emily is worn out most of the time. Me … I just work and rush home because I love that smile she gives me when I come back from work.

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