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Welcome to the Monkeysphere

Cracked magazine is generally known as Mad magazine’s poor cousin. However, Cracked’s web presence seems to be much better than that of Mad’s, if only because Cracked.com has some really funny articles [while Mad’s website is basically a brochure for the print version]. So it was interesting when Cracked.com published the “What is the Monkeysphere” article the other day. The article tries to explain the reasons for war, racism, and depression in a serious but funny way [if that’s possible].


So what is the  monkeysphere? Basically, some scientists determined that the human brain has the capacity to only associate with approximately 150 people. So person number 151, despite being a “real” person, is simply a number to us. This explains why we are devastated when our grandmother passes away, but we simply shrug when we hear that fifteen soldiers were killed in Iraq. It is because those fiften soldiers are outside our group of associates.


As the article puts it:


It’s the way our brains are built. We each have a certain circle of people who we think of as people, usually our own friends and family and neighbors, and then maybe some classmates or coworkers or church or suicide cult.


Those who exist outside that core group of a few dozen people are not people to us. They’re sort of one-dimensional bit characters.



In fact, the reason why society and humans have so many problems is because, in this modern age, “we routinely find ourselves functioning in bunches larger than our primate brains are able to cope with”. As a result, we have racism, depression, and even road rage.


You should read the article. It is very interesting.


What is the Monkeysphere?

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