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Under the Blacklight

Rilo Kiley released their new album last week, and unlike other albums I anticipated this year [Arcade Fire, Norah Jones], Under the Blacklight did not disappoint. It seems that some fans give the album mixed reviews, but I wonder how much of that stems from this being Rilo Kiley’s major label debut [a review on Amazon.com states that the album is “over produced … it doesn’t have the independent, raw sound that made Takeoffs and Execution such exceptional records”]. I suppose this is typical reaction when an indie act moves over to a major label. I’m  not sure how much weight it carries, however. As someone whose first exposure to Rilo Kiley was their previous album, More Adventurous, perhaps my judgement isn’t clouded by the perceived “betrayal” of a band looking to move more into the mainstream. Who knows?

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