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(Belated) One Year Anniversary

August 29, 2007

It slipped my mind that August 1 marked the one-year anniversary of this blog. As some of  you might know, this is my second attempt at blogging – after quitting for about two years – and I had doubts about how long this effort would last. Honestly, I am surprised I made it to one year, and I had my doubts back in May.

I’m also surprised that my readership has been pretty constant throughout the past twelve months [excluding September and October 2006]. I know there are some of you who visit on a regular basis [thanks, Emily!], but I do seem to get a lot of random people visiting, thanks in large part to Google’s quick indexing of blogs and my rant about iTunes 7 last September. That post averages nineteen visitors a day, and it has logged 6,267 hits since its debut . My repost of Ctrl+Alt+Del‘s 300 comic also gets lots of hits, as does my other 300 related post.

I know that out of the 326 posts I made, many of them are just links to stories, pictures, or videos I find while traveling the interwebs [read: digg], but, you know, I’m okay with that. Many times I come across amusing articles and such, and I don’t want to necessarily send an e-mail out to everyone in my address book [all three contacts]. With this website, I can simply post it here, and I don’t have to spam anyone. Whoever visits this site then can choose to ignore it or click-through. And sure, some of this stems from laziness, but I also enjoy posting those silly articles, videos, and pictures. I think they’re amusing, and I want to share them. Really, this site is more akin to a tumbleblog than a “normal” blog, and I’ve considered moving from WordPress.com to Tumblr.com. I just like the option of writing long expositions when the mood does strike me.

Anywho, here is a graph that shows the visitor activity to the blog for the past twelve months and other stats WordPress reports to me.

Blog Stats

Total Views: 14,446
Best Day Ever: 308
Posts: 326
Comments: 181

Here’s to another year of blogging, sort of.

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