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The Quiet Weekend

Not much happened this past weekend. We didn’t have out-of-town visitors or anything. We ran errands and had lunch with the family of Emily’s sister. My brother-in-law came by to asses a minor plumbing problem we are experiencing. It looks like we might have to call some professionals to fix it. It seems that every time something needs ‘looking at’ in the house, we call my brother-in-law, and every time it makes me feel just a little less like a man. Our garage door also decided to act up on Monday when I was leaving for work. Fortunately, I might know wherein the problem lies, and I might be able to correct it myself [for once].

Our house is falling apart.

We watched The Painted Veil and Ghost Rider on Sunday night. The former was long and boring, while the latter was just awful. The only thing that kept me watching Ghost Rider until the end was my OCD. Yet, somehow, they are making a Ghost Rider 2.

Something I’ve noticed since the arrival of Esmé is the disappearance of our friends. Yes, we can no longer carouse until the early mornings, but you think friends would still want to keep in touch. We have one “couple friend” from who we have yet to hear. One would think anyone who considers themselves friends would, at the very least, make the obligatory trip to meet the baby. It’s not as we’re not asking anyone to baby-sit or endure an outing with a newborn.

Another friend, one Emily considers a very good friend, came home for three weeks after a year abroad, and she only managed to see Emily once. There were no phone calls or successive visits. Again, it’s not that Emily expected her to camp out at the house, but considering how close they were previously [and I can attest that Emily and this friend were tight], one would think she would try to spend more time with Emily.

I suppose none of this is a big surprise. I can’t imagine being interested in anyone else’s baby, and most couples who have a newborn tend to disappear. Still, you would think your good friends would stick by you. It also explains why couples with children only have friends who also have children. Or, perhaps we should have chosen better friends.

The whole thing just makes me a bit sad. Neither Emily nor myself have any family living nearby [save for one of Emily’s sister], and when it was just the two of us, it didn’t bother us much, as we had accrued a few number of friends. However, with the baby, it finally occurs to me how isolated we are. Sure, our parents would drop by in a heartbeat if we needed them, but there’s no day-to-day support system.

It’s just me, Emily, and Esmé.

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