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Two Thousand Songs And Nothing To Listen To

I’m officially tired of every song on my iPod, and I seem to have fallen out of touch with what’s “popular” now-a-days. My copy of Blender Magazine used to keep me updated, but I lost interest in it a few months ago. It just dawned on me one day that I was not interested in any of the bands/artists that the magazine was writing about – except for that one interview with Norah Jones. Even Blender‘s Arcade Fire profile did not move me, probably because their new album was a bit disappointing for me  [As was Norah’s latest effort]. I downloaded Icky Thump, and I also thought it was underwhelming. I’m not sure how it happened, but I own every single White Stripes album, even though I’m not really that big a fan [despite some very good songs of theirs I enjoy thoroughly]. I think it’s because the concept of “Jack & Meg White” fascinate me. [Or is it just Meg White that fascinates me?]


I’ve spent the past few days trolling for some decent music. I downloaded Imogen Heap’s Speak For Yourself the other day. I thought it was okay. I keep running into Colbie Caillat, but the comparison that she is a “female Jack Johnson” turned me off. However, I am listening to her songs now via MySpace, and I like what I hear. I also keep reading about Teagan And Sara, but the snippets I’ve heard didn’t impress me. NPR did a piece on Brandi Carlisle, and she seems to have some decent songs, but listening to her makes me feel even more like an old man. Rilo Kiley has a new album out soon, but with my recent track record, I will probably dislike it [even though the advanced single is catchy].


Anyway, my point is that if you know of a good band/artist that I might like, let me know. I can only listen to Funeral so many times, before even it gets old, and I’m desperately fighting the urge to download “Hey There Delilah”.

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