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The Parental Unit Weekend

One half of my Parental Units visited this weekend. The other half spent the weekend in beautiful San Diego, presumably soaking up sun and women in teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis [“complicated” doesn’t begin to describe the relationship between the two halves of my Parental Units]. I think the combined unit will visit again next month. At this rate, they are averaging one trip a month to visit their granddaughter.


Anyway … it was nice to have a third pair of hands, even if only for two days. I used to mock stay-at-home mothers who also employ a nanny, but after the past couple of weeks I could see why, if it is financially feasible, you would want to do it. It is damn near impossible to get anything done when you are by yourself, and with two people, you  barely manage it. [I have have about 1,000 times more respect for single parents and parents of twins (or God forbid, triplets+)].  With the extra help, Emily was able to leave the house and interact with other human beings, and I finished many a menial tasks that had accumulated. I still did not get enough sleep, however. In fact, I should be sleeping instead of writing this post.


So that was really it for the weekend. We stayed home and took care of Esmé.  We did manage to “shave” one of the cats, mostly for hygenic reasons. [Let’s just say she weighs more than some dogs]. Now, we call her “Mangy”, because it looks like she was feline mange. [We thought about calling her “Chemo Cat” for a while, but that seemed insulting to cancer patients]. We would have shaved her entirely, but she was [very, very, very] angry and had bloodied my hands with her [very, very, very] sharp fangs.


Poor Cat


Emily decided it wasn’t fair that one was shaved but not the other, so she decided to give our other cat a reverse mohawk. We now simply refer to him as “Mo”.


Cat Mohawk


Needless to say, both of them are no longer on speaking terms with us. In fact, the fat one [Fatty McFat Fat is our other loving nickname for her] refused to come back inside for several hours. I’m not sure I blame her.

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