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The Birthday Weekend

So Emily and I went out to celebrate her birthday on Saturday while her mom babysat [Emily’s mom is leaving on Wednesday, and we’re going to miss her terribly. She’s spoiled us these past four weeks by helping us look after Esmé]. After dinner and waiting for the start of the movie, we ran into an Apple Store to check out the iPhones. The store had a display table full of iPhones [and people], and the very first thing I noticed – after knocking down an old man to get to one – is all the fingerprints and smudges on the screen. Granted, dozens [hundreds?] of people probably played with the phone that day, but nevertheless, the ease of which my fingers left a smudge would drive me crazy. I’d spend all day trying to clean the smudges off the screen. The other drawback for me was the virtual keyboard. My fat fingers had a hard time typing with it. Perhaps, like Apple stated, it simply takes getting used to, but I found it a bit irritating that I kept fat-fingering the keys.

Nonetheless, the iPhone is impressive. The phone was connected to the store’s Wi-Fi, and surfing the web was sweet. I looked at our house on Google Maps, and checked out this blog on Safari, which has the ability to let you surf multiple web pages simultaneously. That is really cool. And the way the phone automagically reorients itself depending on how its held [horizontally or vertically] is … well … again, very impressive. So yes, the phone is probably worth the $599, despite the annoying keyboard and the ease of which the touchscreen gets dirty.

After our trek to the Apple Store, Emily and I watched Knocked Up. I know I like a lot of movies, some of which are of questionable value, but Knocked Up is a very good movie. It is funny, poignant, and fun. There is something completely relatable about the characters and you empthaize with them throughout the movie. It is definitely worth your $9 or $10. Go watch it.

And finally, my company is giving everyone in my department two free tickets to Transformers in an effort to boost morale, so we’re looking for babysitters for this weekend.

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