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1408 and the Interdimensional Web

This is an unusual one minute review, as it is not a review of the movie 1408, but of the trailer for the movie 1408.

Ever since we first watched the trailer, a colleague and I have been arguing about the merits of 1408. While we both agree that the movie seems entertaining, I refuse to watch it on the basis of a two second clip in the trailer [and despite its 75% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes].  Based on the trailer alone – not the actual movie – 1408 is about a man who investigates a haunted room in a hotel [Room 1408]. Although he is skeptical at first, strange things begins occurring and suddenly John Cusak is in the midst of an “out of this world” experience. This is all fine and dandy and completely plauisble in the realm of horror movies.

However, at the 1:55 mark of the trailer [see video below], we see a frightened John Cusak [in what appears to be a room full of ice and snow] at his laptop talking to his wife … via video conferencing. What makes this implausible, to me anyway, is that his wife says in disbelief, “they [the cops] are in room 1408. The room is empty.”

Oookay. So the cops are in room 1408, and John Cusak is not there. Yet, there he is in some “haunted” room participating in a video conference. Generally, technology [cell phones, cars, lights, etc.] stop working in scary movies. Yet, somehow, John Cusak has the interwebs at his fingertips while being menaced by ghostly spirits in some sort of pocket universe. If he can check his e-mail while being scared shitless, couldn’t he find something on the interwebs to assist in his situation? Perhaps a Google query on “how to escape a haunted room” or post a message on his MySpace seeking help? Or “twitter” his buddies for assistance?  Better yet, he should post a YouTube video asking for help.

Whatever the case may be, I want to know which ISP he is using because there is nothing more convenient than an interdimensional internet connection. I could read Digg from literally anywhere in time and space!

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