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Trah Lah Blah

Not much going on here in Digital-Land.


This past weekend, my parental units flew in for a visit, ostensibly to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday on Saturday. However, he spent all day in bed, moaning that he was at death’s door [the real reason he wasn’t feeling well was that his allergies were acting up]. So my mama, my lovely wife, and myself spent the day shopping for baby furniture. We ended up purchasing a crib and a chest of drawers from a local baby store. We also picked up a “playard”. All in all, it was a good outing, and we feel more prepared than ever. At least now the baby has a way to go home (car seat), travel (stroller), and sleep (crib/”playard“),


My dad arose later that night and assisted me in putting together the baby swing. So, baby also has a swing in which to play. [We had plans for a birthday dinner, but my dad refused to leave the bed, and we just ordered some Chinese takeout. On the bright side, my dad has two new best friends in the form of our cats. They have never before met anyone who could match their sleeping prowess]. We concluded the night by watching Borat [1-minute review: freakin’ hilarious. I watched it two more times on Sunday & Monday and still I ROTFL].


My lovely wife had an appointment with the doctor today, and things are well. She is in her 27th week, and I think at this point it is just a matter of waiting things out. The parenting classes are going okay. We watched a video on epidurals the other night, and it made my lovely wife decide against it. We shall see how she feels when she’s in actual labor. Once again, I am soooo glad that I’m not the one giving birth. Thank God. Seriously. I thank God.


Anyway, there you go.

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