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The recent lack of post is due to a lack of interesting things about which to post, and a sudden rush of craziness at work. I send out too many e-mails with links to websites and news articles. I should post those instead of bothering my friends with stupid e-mails that I’m sure they ignore anyway.


We have a doctor’s appointment Monday afternoon, and I am very anxious.  The in-laws are visiting so that they can be present when we (hopefully) discover the baby’s gender. Did I tell you about my anxiety in regards to this appointment? I don’t pray much, but I’ve been praying a lot lately. There’s a part of me that keeps freaking out about the daunting task of fatherhood, but another part of me keeps thinking that I shouldn’t worry until after this appointment. I have a feeling, however, that even after Monday (if things go well), I will simply continue my anxiety until the next appointment, then the next, then the next, until finally the baby arrives. Then I’ll freak out all over again. How the heck do you raise a child? Can you look this up on Wikipedia? I hope the baby takes more after his or her mother.


My parents are visiting in March and  my mother is raring to go baby furniture shopping. If she has it her way, this baby will lead a Hollywood lifestyle. She already purchased a Dolce & Gabbana Dooney & Burke baby bag that we received as a gift at Christmas. [“I feel like Britney Spears,” said my lovely wife].


We are turning “my” office to the nursery, although we have to keep the cable modem, router, printer, and network storage device in its current location. I don’t know where to relocate the office. We need a bigger house already.


I have a friendly wager with a co-worker for the Pats/Colts game tomorrow.  If things go my way, I’ll be feasting on a lobster dinner next week. This is Peyton’s year. I can feel it. As for the other game, I’d like the Saints to win, but I’m not sure they can handle the blistering cold that is Chicago.

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  1. Ned Beatty
    January 20, 2007 at 11:25 pm

    I hope that co-worker tells you to shove that lobster right up your old pooper chute.

    *this comment was profanity-free*

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