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Miracle on 24

January 16, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have watched 24 from the very first episode and up to this week’s season premiere. At this point, there is a formulaic comfort to watching the show, and I’m not really surprised at anything anymore – well, except Jack’s kidnapping at the end of Season 5. Nevertheless, I am starting to find the show more and more unbelievable. I’m going to let slide the myriad of things that were completely improbable in the first four episodes, but the one thing I can not get over is how Jack’s wounds mysteriously disappear. You don’t get stabbed in the shoulder and your side and live to walk around hunting/saving/torturing/killing people. No, you bleed out and die, unless you get to a hospital, and the doctors manage to save you. 


I know that part of any television or movie experience is that you have to suspend your disbelief, and give the creators artistic license. I give movies and TV shows more latitude than most people. After all, it’s entertainment. But 24 has a tendency to defy space/time and – when it comes to Jack – basic human physiology.


With Heroes returning on January 22 and going head-to-head with 24, I might have to relegate Jack to the DVR. As Jack can probably attest, there’s only so much a guy can take.

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