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Weekend Update

December 4, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

This past weekend was one of those where much was accomplished, but come Sunday night, there is a bunch of stuff you never got around to doing. On Saturday, I made my fifth trip in six weeks to the Sears Auto Center to see if I can’t finally resolve the business with my truck tires once and for all. [I will have to blog separately about the theater of the absurd that became me and my local Sears Auto Center]. I spent the rest of the day piddling around the house finishing various chores. Saturday evening, I sat down and watched a movie that an old friend – let us refer to him as Counselor, as befitting his professional career choice – of mine wrote and produced.


My thought is that anyone can write a screenplay, but to put the time, effort, and money into actually turning your screenplay into a real film is something else altogether. And that’s exactly what Counselor did. And you know, I give him lots of props for that. What’s more, Counselor did not write some film school graduate bullshit. He wrote a good screenplay with three dimensional characters and a plot that was tight and gripping. Am I biased? Perhaps, but I know that I am not alone in my opinion of his film, which – to protect my privacy – I will not mention (regrettably) .


Sunday, I returned to Sears (don’t ask; wait for that posting), and spent the afternoon watching The Fountain, which would have been good if it didn’t try to be so high-minded (that’s the one minute review). The evening was spent editing the wife’s paper on “realism” (she is attempting to acquire her Masters of Education, and spent all weekend writing said paper) and finishing up minor to-dos.


The End.


God Bless America.


Update: I forgot to mention that we put up our Christmas tree on Saturday. It’s a new tree we purchased last January, when I somehow managed to convince the wife to let us purchase a fiber optic LED tree. She complains that 1) it’s not bright enough and 2) It looks like a lava lamp, and 3) that it’s “psychedelic”, which I am assuming is not a good thing for a Christmas tree to be.

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