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The wife and I are spending the Thanksgiving weekend at her parent’s Country Manor. Generally, I am not a big fan of country living, but ever since the father-in-law installed high speed internet a few years back, it has been much  more bearable. And unlike some previous instances, the Manor did not turn into Grand Central Station this holiday, whereby every member of my in-law’s extended family came to visit (thus forcing me to hide in the guest room watching movies on the laptop. I did come prepared, however. I brought no less than a dozen movies with me). So thus far, it has been a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday weekend. I’ve caught up on my sleep, and in that good old American tradition, I ate way too much at Thanksgiving dinner. Never before have I laid in bed sick because I ate so much food. I wanted to vomit my food out like a Hollywood starlet.


I thought I had more to write about, but apprently not. I found out that horses do not like bananas, and as such, I might be the new owner of a dead horse. I also watched Cache, but I did not find it too enjoyable as the movie was more about the socio-political climate in France. It would be if a Frenchmen watched Do The Right Thing. There’s nothing to connect you to the issues discussed in the film.


And I’ll end on this political note. I think it says something when my die-hard Evangelical in-laws, who hasn’t voted Democrat since Jimmy Carter (including this past election) and have permanently blocked CNN from their cable, are so fed-up with Iraq that they are beginning to think that pulling out may not be such a bad idea. I thought they would be devastated by the results of the election, but are instead indiffirent. Not only are they disillusioned by the war, but they are also puzzled why, despite proclamations that the economy is “great”, so many people in their little hamlet are being laid-off and so many companies and factories are closing.

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