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October 30, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

As previously noted, the wife and I attended my cousin’s wedding this past weekend. We flew into Dallas and arrived at our hotel at approximately 12:30am (this is in large part for my desire to save some money and take a torturous route to Dallas, which involved switching planes and airlines in Chicago). After a quick hello and goodnight to the parental units, we tried our best to sleep before the late-morning ceremony.


The next morning, we (us, my parents and my grandmother) made a quick trip to the hotel and, in a Spinal Tap-esque moment, got lost in the parking garage. Fortunately, the ceremony was late, so that made us on time, even though we were late. The ceremony itself was very modest, which the wife and I found surprising. After the ceremony, there was an awkward Chinese (so we were told) tradition that we had to endure, which involved drinking a glass of Coca Cola and handing red envelopes full of cash to the groom (but not the bride). It was a bit surreal. We also found out that the bridal party had been outfitted by cheap Third World laborers.


Reception HallThe reception took place at the top of the hotel, a room with a window overlooking downtown Dallas. Now, I don’t attend many weddings, but correct me if I’m wrong when I say that most wedding receptions do not serve a four-course steak and lobster dinner. It was impressive and delicious. The reception contained much singing and prayer: The groom’s parents sang; the bride’s parents sang; the couple sang. For a moment, I thought the reception was going to devolve into karaoke praise-and-worship night. Fortunately, no such thing occurred.

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